1.12.2023 Croatia

NeorocKS – Improving quarry sustainability in SIRAČ

We are glad to announce the start of the NeorocKS project in Croatia:

Project name: NeorocKS – Improving quarry sustainability in SIRAČ

Project Promoter: KAMEN SIRAČ d.d.

Partner: International Development Norway As

Project main objective: The project addresses the need for developing and implementing “greener production processes” and for the Project Promoter to increase its competitiveness and market share. The Project Promoter and Partners intend to respond to this need by implementing two improved, greener production processes:

  1. Processing of natural, secondary unsorted stone material
  2. Production planning process

Project Output Indicators: The implementation of the project in question will directly contribute to the next expected outcomes:

  • Increased turnover of the Promoter
  • Increased net profit of the Promoter (65% increase in profit in 2025 compared to 2021)
  • Lowered carbon footprint
  • Reducing fuel consumption
  • Applied innovative green processes new to the enterprise
  • Increasing the number of employees
  • New, innovative green processes applied to the enterprise

Total Value: 1.068.000,00 EUR

Share of the Norwegian Financial Mechanism 2014 – 2021 in financing: 639.000,00 EUR

Implementation period: 31/1/2023 – 30/4/2024

Contact person:

Supported by the Norway Grants 2014-2021in the frame of the Business Development and Innovation Croatia..