IDN promotes visit to Slovak industry

On the 1st of December, IDN visited the Slovak manufacturing company Tomark, situated in the city of Prèsov. The visit was part of a workshop in the Slovak-Ukraine project: Unleashing Cross-border Circular Economy Potential. Together with our project partner Centrum pre inovačné partnerstvá (Center For Innovation Partnerships), IDN visited Tomark with other local companies.

Tomark was established in 1995 and it specializes in the machining, shaping, and cutting of metallurgical materials and in the manufacture of welded structures and components, from the preparation of production to finishing. The company`s products find wide applications in the automotive industry, transport systems, agriculture, and energy industry. Their main product is chassis for trailers, and in recent years they have developed several small-crafted airplanes (Viper SD4 and Skyper GT9).

At Tomark the group was welcomed by the CEO Daniel Tomko, he gave a brief presentation about the company before we were showed around the facility. To know more about the company, visit their website: