15.03.2018 Hungary

Energy Performance Contracts as financing models

Facing the challenge to transition to Renewable Energy Sources.

One of the most burning problems (literally) of the European environmental policy is the reduction of the CO2 emission and share of the renewable energy sources in total energy production. The challenge is even bigger in Central Easter European countries, with more traditional and conventional energy sources based economy.

When analyzing the investments in RES and public energy efficiency it actually turns out that the majority of them is financed with the significant contribution of European Union. Considering forthcoming change in the rules of financing a cohesion policy and shift to repayable instruments there is an urging need of development new models for investment projects in that area and Energy Performance Contracts may be one of the successful ways to meet the challenge. In order to contribute to this discussion IDN was invited by LENERG – Hungarian energy agency, based in Deberecen to join bilateral project and to share the knowledge and experience on implementation of EPC in Norway.

The first workshop is coming next week and we look forward to it!