Silvia Filip Endresen

Silvia has a Master in Textile Engineering from the Technical University of Iasi in Romania. Silvia has over the years performed managerial roles at an international level, working both strategically and operationally as team leader in Romania and as plant manager in Tunisia. She has an extensive hands-on experience with capacity building and project management within manufacturing industry, having managed the elaboration and implementation of projects funded through EU development programmes in North Africa.

Silvia Endresen has advised leading companies within fashion industry in Sweden, and held the role of production manager with premium brands in Denmark and Norway. In Norway she incorporated aspects of sustainability into sourcing and production. Silvia also dedicated time to develop and launch a sustainable shirt brand called ULV, a start-up that she runs in parallel to her collaborations as a consultant.

Her professional interest is currently oriented on applying her experience to designing, planning and implementing projects to greening the manufacturing industry with a focus on the textile and fashion industry.


  • Norway
  • Sweden
  • Denmark
  • Romania
  • Tunisia