Kia-Luise Klavenes

Kia is a partner and senior Advisor at Pure Consulting, one of Norway’s leading consulting firms with expertise in sustainable business practices. Pure has developed a model for how a company can build a solid sustainability strategy that supports business and create value for society. She has an Executive Master of Management, BI – Norwegian Business School and a Bachelor’s degree in Nutrition and Science, University College Sjælland. Denmark.

Kia has over the years assisted some of Scandinavia’s largest and most respected companies in implementing sustainability strategies and taking strategy successfully into action. Her expertise is in emerging social and environmental activities with the core business that again creates innovative effects. In addition, she works with circular economy, business models, and social innovation. From 2007 to 2012 Kia managed the Norwegian Government’s Climate initiative “Klimaløftet” – a program for Norwegian companies to engage and implement climate actions within their business. More than 100 companies took part in the program. Kia has through the cooperation with IDN assisted companies in Romania and Polen.


  • Norway
  • Romania