PROJECT Green Energy

Using geothermal energy for heating efficiently in the city Yambol

Geothermal heating and cooling will be established in the buildings of a kindergarten in Yambol.

Bulgaria Map



In order to increase the efficiency of the heat supply and reduce the energy costs for heating and domestic hot water supply, it is proposed to replace the fuel based heaters as the main source of heat. The installation of geothermal systems will provide heating and cooling periods during climatical changes so it can increase comfort for the children and adults who stay in the building every day.  This also includes the hot water supply . In order to carry out effective monitoring, the implementation of a monitoring system for energy consumption is envisaged.


IDN will conduct a seminar for exchange of knowledge in the field of energy efficiency,  renewable energy and geothermal energy. The project partners will participate in a case study workshop on the exchange of experience, knowledge and best practices in this field. Through its experience, IDN will bring added value to the planned activities, with the benefitary’s experts applying the knowledge they gained.