PROJECT SME Development Manufacturing

Smart Factory (Industry 4.0 pilot) at KB Pomorze

Creating a new build facility and integrating industry 4.0 concepts to maximize efficiency

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Automating production  and modernizing systems

KB Pomorze is an established company with more than 15 years as a subcontractor for petrochemical construction companies. Until now they have created necessary piping on site manually. By moving production to an automated facility with modern industry 4.0 concepts, this process can be made far more efficient. The new facility will contain two passages, one for carbon steel and one for stainless steel. In addition, the new facility will contain a variety of important improvements to automate the production process. The new production line for stainless steel will contain a cutting and beveling cell, automated 2D assembly and welding stations and a manual 3D assembly and welding station. In addition to the automation, solar installations saving around 0,15mw/150MWh per year will be installed along with ventilation, filtering and recuperation systems.

Introducing he Smart Factory concept

Along with the new hardware, industry 4.0 integration will grant this new facility important advantages which will put it on the forefront of manufacturing technology. To begin with, IDN will provide a Smart Factory pilot. This will allow KB Pomorze to explore the options and opportunities of the Smart Factory concept and observe in full the implementation of Industry 4.0 concepts.

The implementation process will follow a careful order. First, a desk study will gather data and define system requirements and Key Performance Indicators for KB Pomorze. It will then assess the full machine park, information systems, hardware and potential communication gateways. From this information, a pilot will be created, integrating newly acquired machines into the platform. Finally data from the external systems will be integrated into the Industry4SME platform. After this is finished an action plan for a full scale-up of the Smart Factory solution will be created. This process will provide KB Pomorze with a clear picture of costs and benefits available with further investments. If KB Pomorze finds it profitable, a further business partnership between IDN and KB Pomorze on the full implementation of the Internet of Things-solution “Industry4SME” will be established.



  • Constructing a new build facility for construction of piping with an emphasis on automation
  • Map needs and potential of Industry 4.0 integration
  • Provide Smart Factory pilot
  • Exploring data and integrating these into the Industry4SME platform
  • Create action plan for full scale-up of the Smart Factory solution


IDN’s Involvement

IDN will provide a desk study gathering data and defining system requirements and Key Performance Indicators for KB Pomorze with an emphasis on the new production line. IDN will also assess the machine park information systems, hardware and potential communications gateways. The Smart Factory pilot introducing the Industry4SME concept will be provided by IDN and created on the basis of the former assessments. As part of the pilot, data from external sensors, temperatur, vibration, force, power etc, will be integrated into the pilot. Finally IDN will develop an action plan to complete integration of industry 4.0 solutions. IDN will also enter a business partnership with KB Pomorze if the latter finds the pilot satisfactory and wishes to integrate further.