PROJECT SME Development

Creating a new gluten-free bioproduct for the food and healthcare sectors

Leading research in biotechnology, MIB TH is developing a new bioproduct and extending its production capacity

Romania Map



The city of Iasi, NE Romania, hosts a regional leader in biotechnology in the the fields of Antibitoics, Active Pharma Ingredients, Aminoacids, Vitamins, both for human and animal use. The company is called M.I.B. T.H (Man Tobias Biotechnology) and have delivered more than 20 different industrialized technology processes to markets like China, India, Europe and USA.

Their latest project focuses on the development of new bioproduct (A-Gluten) for food and healthcare sector, all the while investing heavily for the purposes of increasing the company’s production capacity through the EEA and Norway Grants.


International Development Norway is joining MIB TH to provide expertise in the process of designing the automation and digitalization plan for the production processes related to current operations. In this, IDN will contribute with valuable insights into the introduction of a new waste management and a new energy management plan. The piloting of a specific Smart Factory model will also be among the tasks of the Norwegian partner.