Sten Paltiel

BSc in Chemistry from Heriot Watt University in Edinburgh. 25 years in different positions in SINTEF and EQUINOR (STATOIL).

SINTEF/STATOIL 1978-1995: Developing of technical systems including simulations systems, computer graphics and CAD/CAM related systems. Experience in all parts of development of computer systems including project management, systems analysis, programming and systems support.

STATOIL 1995-2005: Lead Environmental Engineer responsible for all activities related to Heidrun license (operations, drilling/well treatments, new projects, waste management, contact/applications to authorities, evaluate new technology, oil spill response, chemical management including evaluation and working close with suppliers developing new “green” chemicals.

In Salah Gas JV, Algeria (Statoil International North Africa ) 2005-2009: Team leader for Operations Environmental Team, including responsible for Environmental management system (EMS) and ISO 14001 follow up including operations, construction, Seismic , drilling , water management, waste management in isolated area, remediation issues (drilling waste, soil), Waste water management including sewage water, Chemical management, Technical evaluation of new projects, evaluating new technology, Environmental impact and risk assessments, Coaching and training of staff, Part of emergency response team, Auditing of all activities related to ISG , Responsible of waste management contract. Legal and compliance issues.

In Salah Gas JV Southern field project, Algeria (Statoil International North Africa) 2009-2011: Environmental and CSR advisor for FEED and Design Phase. Responsible to insure that environmental and local social aspects where taken care of in the project development. Worked close with local community in In Salah Town to develop local content projects.

Expert in Engineers without Borders 2012-present: Field study and ideation on local plastic recycling in huge refugee camps in Kenya and Ethiopia. Developing a local closed loop value chain based on needed local products. Implementation phase ongoing. Client is World Bank.


  • Norway
  • Algeria
  • Kenya
  • Ethiopia
  • Rwanda